Hi All!

Been a long time, but I've updated the database for access 2007 runtime.

The runtime can be downloaded from the microsoft site or here (while I have space!)


If any of you want a database for keeping track of your Star Wars collection, then here's one I've been working on.

Still only a work in progress, but if anyone wants to download and have a go, I'd appreciate any suggestions on it.





Just to save you all getting bored, here's some games to play!

(All run using flash so it may ask you to download from Macromedia.com)


 You can download SW fonts by clicking here. Instructions for installing them are included. New font just added to zip file!

 Vintage Tri-Logo Backs Added 01/05/2005
Kubrick Custom Cards UPDATED 04/04/2005
Stickers and Labels Updated 19/10/2004
Custom Card backs Updated 15/05/2005
Ewok card backs  Updated 19/11/2003
Droids card backs Updated 28/06/2004
Instruction Leaflets Updated 09/04/2004


Updated 23/03/04
Card Back Figure Sides Added 23/03/04
Vintage Carded Figures Added 24/03/04

Here's a photo of a custom C3-PO card made from scratch.

Tri-Logo Template Created from IG-88 Card (172KB) Added 23/07/2003

Tri-Logo Imperial Gunner

- Temp Version (300KB)

Added 28/07/2003

Used Tri-Logo Backs - 12 of last 17

Added this zip file until I can find decent images.

This file is 3MB, so either have broadband or be patient!

Added 29/07/2003

Click Here for an Original v Repro Weapon Comparison list

Updated 25/08/03

Weapons List (83KB Word Doc) - last update 25/08/03

Just for the hell of it and not on the CD!

Check out the custom card section to go with this figure!

Canadian Han Stormtrooper  (Thanks Daniel) and My Han Stormtrooper!

Added 23/08/2003

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Oh, and May The Force Be With You.....Always!